3D Housing Resource Makes Selling Easier
Before Oct.15,2018
3K VR Panoramic camera$154
Panoramic House Releasing$108
16G SanDisk Memory Card$8.5
3D Model Processing$4.6/unit
Unlimited free processing before December 31, 2018
3K Standard Version
Before Oct.15,2018
Retain Your Client More Efficiently
Different from traditional house tour, the client is assured to see every detail as he wished. It has an additional function of on-line consultation, by which your client will be closely bond to you.
Promote Your Sales Conversion Rate
Comprehensive data tracking service makes it easier for you to real-time get the dynamic information of client, efficiently trace the heated house resource and create a new record in your performance of house sales
Easy To Use
The shooting device is smart and portable, it only takes 5 minutes to finish the shooting.
Automatic Cloud Processing
After shooting, we will automatically handle your service and you’re ready to share all the information in 10 minutes.
The 3D effect of photos that meet with photo-taking requirements will be processed in 2days
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